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Cutest Puppy Ever

Cutest Puppy Ever

Meet Abel, a puppy found wandering the streets when he was just 7-8 weeks old. He is about 4 mo’s old, a terrier/beagle/poodle mix and has a very happy and laid-back nature. He would make a wonderful new forever-friend for dog-lover/s of any age . He is neutered and vaccinated and heart-worm free. Please call the Humane Society of Oldham County at 502.222.7537 if you would like to meet Abel.

Oldham County Parks – Holiday Walk

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Holiday Walk benefitting Teddy Bear Tree Scheduled for December 13th

Great Opportunity to Walk the New Wendell Moore Park Trails
and Benefit the Teddy Bear Tree Program

The Parks and Recreation Department in partnership with Tri-County Community Action Agency is sponsoring a 2-mile charity walk on the new Wendell Moore Park trails.  The event begins at 9:00 am.  Proceeds will go to help needy children this holiday season.

The cost is $10.00 pus a new, unwrapped toy.  Participants will receive a T-shirt.

Interested participants can download the registration form at http://www.oldhamgreenways.org

HSOC — Guacamole

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Hi! My name is Guacamole and now a 12 week old male neutered kitten. I was found as a tiny baby, not even weaned yet, in a sealed box with 15 other small kittens. Some were my brothers and sisters, some were from other families. It was cold and we were all hungry. Thankfully we were found and fed and taken in out of the cold. I was the smallest of the crew. My foster mom was afraid I might not even make it once when I stopped eating but I recovered quickly! Now we are all healthy and strong and have grown incredibly affectionate! We all love cuddling and giving kisses but know how to entertain ourselves when necessary too. As with all rescue kitties, it’s is now time for us to strike out and find our new forever homes. I’ll keep you smiling with my silly antics, and love on you when playtime is over. I know you won’t be sorry you chose me – I’ll be your best friend forever if you give me a chance. Call 502.222.7537 and ask to meet me – you’ll be glad you did. This pet is up to date with routine shots.

Varsity Pizza and Pints Chili Cook Off

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Oldham County Wired has received word that Varsity Pizza and Pints will be hosting a Chili Cook Off. Here is a quick run down on the rules and how you can enter. This sounds like a lot of fun. If you make it out, be sure to look for me.

You can download a copy of the application by clicking here.

1.) Entry fee is $25.00 for individuals and $50.00 for restaurants.
2.) Contestants are accepted on a first-come-first-serve basis.
3.) Contestant must turn in application in advance of event; no walk-ins accepted.
4.) To accommodate crowds, contestant must bring at least 3 full gallons of piping hot chili.
5.) Chili must be prepared for event and table set up between 10:00–10:45 a.m.
6.) Contestants must stay and serve chili to guests.
7.) If chili runs out, contestants must stay until contest winners are announced at 4:00 p.m.
8.) Contestant can sample other entries.
9.) Varsity will provide all contestants with serving cups for chili and electric.
10.) Contestants must provide own table/booth for set up.
11.) Contestants are not permitted to sell chili during event.
12.) We encourage you to have fun, be creative, decorate your ‘space’ and wear a funny costume.

Prizes will be awarded in the following categories:
Best Chili – Restaurant/Company Team Category
Best Chili – Individual (Red meat, white meat, vegetarian)
Hottest Chili Overall
Most Creative/Best Decorated Set-up Space
Best Overall Chili People’s Choice Award

To register, turn in application to: Varsity Pizza & Pints 6825 Central Ave., Crestwood, KY 40014
Or fax application to: Varsity Pizza & Pints, Attn: Tonya Parker at (502) 243-1106

Deadline to enter is October 31st!!

Oldham County Tourism Director – Kim Buckler

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Kim Buckler - Oldham County Tourism Director

Kim Buckler - Oldham County Tourism Director

1. What do you like most about living in Oldham County?

My absolute favorite thing about living in Oldham County is that it doesn’t matter where I go in the county or when, I know someone – or several. I love the spirit of the people and their willingness to help each other both in business and their neighbor next door. I grew up in Glendale, KY, home of the Whistle Stop Restaurant, and right next door to several Amish families.

After leaving Glendale when I was 18, I moved to Georgetown and then back to Louisville until I was 30. What I missed during those 12 years was the sense of community that I had grown up with. I have rediscovered that living and working in Oldham County.

2. How and why did you end up as the Tourism Director for Oldham County?

Before moving to Oldham County 9 years ago, I managed a marketing company in Louisville for 6 years through which I was a member of the Oldham County Chamber. I had several marketing clients in Oldham County at that time and spent a lot of that time in the county. When I moved to Oldham County, I opened ALLinONE Marketing, Advertising & PR and focused on the Oldham County business community that I absolutely loved! In 2007, Tourism was without a commission and without a Director so I was asked if I would put together a Commission and find a Director for the county, knowing that a Tourism Commission’s responsibility is to be a marketing entity for the county it serves. It took 4 months to interview and form a really good Commission made up of community business owners. At the end of those 4 months, I presented Fiscal Court with a really good slate of Commissioners who cared about what Oldham County had to offer its visitors. It was at that time that I was asked if I would be interested in being the part-time Director. The icing on the cake was not having to give up my own Oldham County business! That was April 2007 and rest is history! I couldn’t be happier!

3. Please tell me more about Oldham County Tourism, and what services it provides to Oldham County residents.

A Tourism Commission’s responsibility is to promote its county to tourists and visitors…to get them to PLAY in Oldham County, quite simply. We can be thought of as an ad agency whose only client is Oldham County as a whole! Specifically, I research the traveling habits of tourists within a 5 state radius of Oldham County and outside a 90-mile radius of LaGrange. I research their likes, dislikes, spending habits, attitudes, ideals, and lifestyles. I then promote Oldham County’s attractions, destinations and events to those travelers through advertising in the right media outlets to reach our target audience such as magazine ads, newspaper ads, TV commercials, group tours, and travel writer coverage. My goal is to entice them to spend the night at our hotels and bed & breakfast, stay as long as possible and spend as much money as they can in Oldham County while they are here.

Oldham County Tourism’s only revenue stream is the 3% hotel tax that the hotels collect from their guests (nearly every hotel in the US has this hotel tax though most times much higher than 3%). If I can entice a traveler to spend the night in Oldham County, I have created a need for them to spend money here in our restaurants, our shops, our attractions, our stores and our gas stations for at least 2 days. In a nutshell, tourism creates economic development for our county’s businesses. We support our businesses by advertising the county to visitors and residents alike.

From an Oldham County resident standpoint, tourism has taken on new meaning this year! With gas prices as high as they are, I really promote shopping and playing in our own backyards. There are so many really neat things to do here, you don’t have to drive more than 10 minutes to feel like you’ve gotten away. When I feel overwhelmed with life in general, one of my favorite places in the county to go is Bluegrass Country Estate Luxury B&B on a 10 acre horse farm in L’Esprit! Talk about feeling like a visitor in your own community! You really do forget you live 15 minutes away!

One of my newest projects for the community is “Treasure Hunting in Oldham County”. I’m calling on Oldham County residents who may be sitting on a hidden gem of their own! Do they have an interesting hobby to share with tourists, do they own a horse or alpaca farm that could be open to tours, do they have a really unique collection for display? I would really love to work with Oldham County residents to further promote what makes our county different and unique. I think there are enough longtime residents in the county that there has to be some great treasures hidden away just waiting to be discovered!

4. What do you hope to see for the future of Oldham County?

I really hope to see well-planned future growth. Many of us moved here for the schools and the lifestyle of Oldham County – the sense of community. I really can’t be in the marketing industry and be against growth in general, however, I would hope to see us manage it well. I just returned from a “visioning” trip to Hanover, VA. One of the things that struck me about that trip was learning that the Richmond area actually has  commercial zones in their region – specific areas set aside for larger business growth – away from the more residential areas.

I hope to see a compromise in the rural living we love and the convenience of living and working in our community. I love the idea that Oldham County will one day have everything I need to live and conduct my business so as not to have to go to Louisville or beyond to get them. I would also hope to see us as residents utilize our Oldham County businesses more than we do.

I would also love to see us develop more tourism destinations in the county…something to be known for and proud of! I would hope for and love to see us as a community learn once and for all who we are and what we want to be when we grow up – and at least the majority of us be on the same page so we can move forward – smartly!

5. How do you spend your time outside of the office? Hobbies?

Hobbies? What are those? My stress relief is, and has always been, singing. I love to sing country music! Another of my favorite pastimes is trying new restaurants! I love food! I also love to travel – I call myself a Foodie Tourist! When I get to watch TV, I love forensics such as CSI Las Vegas, Bones, The 11th Hour and The Mentalist!

6. Are there any other comments or notes you’d like to share with the readers of Oldham County Wired?

If you have comments or suggestions for me concerning tourism or marketing in general, please feel free to call me or email me any time! I love to hear feedback and I would love to help where I can.

If you as a resident of Oldham County know of anyone who you think has a fascinating hobby or skill or might have something of interest to tourists or visitors, feel free to pass them on to me. I would LOVE to promote new Oldham County hidden treasures! If you haven’t already, check out our new tourism website: www.TourOldhamCounty.com. If you need me for anything, or would like a copy of our new Oldham County Tourism Map, I can be reached at 817-6043 or director@touroldhamcounty.com!

Oldham County Police Chief — Michael Griffin

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Oldham County Police Chief -- Michael Griffin

1.  What do you like most about living in Oldham County?

My family and I love the serenity of the county and its friendly people. We moved here in 1978 from Washington, D. C., and the frantic pace of that environment made Oldham County very appealing.  Our three sons went through the award-winning school system and we all have benefited from living in such a wonderful place.

2.  How did you end up in law enforcement, more specifically working for Oldham County?

I was an FBI Agent for 22 years, joining that agency in 1970.  My final 14 years with that agency was in the Louisville Office.  After being retired for nearly ten years, I was called to interview for the position of OCPD Chief in late 2002.  I accepted that position on January 6, 2003, and plan to stay for two more years.

3.  I noticed that the Oldham County Police has a Citizen’s Academy.  Can you tell me more about this program?

We do have a Citizens Academy and it has a class once each year, usually starting in April.  We will advertise a class early next year and we encourage people 18 years of age or older to apply.  It runs for ten weeks, one night a week, usually lasting three hours each night.  It gives our citizens an opportunity to become immersed in the police culture where they will receive instruction in policing techniques, administrative matters, police ride-a-along opportunities, K-9 observation and firearms opportunities.  Following successful completion of the 10-week course graduates have the option to join a Citizens’ Academy Alumni who meet once a month in support of the OCPD.

4.  What do you hope to see for the future of Oldham County?

As this great county continues to grow in population I’d want policing to grow in order to continue to maintain its high level of service to our citizens.  In a lagging economy this becomes a challenge but our citizens would expect nothing less and we will not disappoint them.

5.  How do you spend your time outside of the office? Any interesting hobbies?

I am an avid collector of military and western memorabilia that I display in my home.  Those include a military themed office/library and a John Wayne room.

6.  Are there any other comments or notes you’d like to share with the readers of Oldham County Wired?

I am honored to be the Chief of the Oldham County Police which is made up of dedicated officers and support staff.  I would ask each of our citizens to look for a reason to engage our officers in a meaningful conversation during which they will learn that we are much more than a flashing blue light in their rear-view mirror.  We find honor and satisfaction in our service to others.

Crestwood to get first Quick Lube

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South Oldham Residents to Benefit from New Service

Residents of Crestwood and nearby Pewee Valley will soon benefit from the opening of the areas First Quick Lube that is set to open in early October on W. Hwy 146 behind National City Bank in Crestwood. Certified Express Lube will offer area residents the convenience of being able to have basic maintenance services performed locally. With the closest Quick Lube located 3 ½ miles away, area residents were forced to leave the South Oldham area and travel into Jefferson County for this type of service. “South Oldham residents want to spend their money here where they live,” owner Steve Heggie said. “This is a perfect extension of our existing business here in Crestwood.” “The Quick Lube product was a natural for us. “We already offer a wide range of automotive services, but the soccer moms wanted to have their vehicle serviced after they dropped the kids off at school,” he said. “The idea was actually my wifes.”

Heggie and his wife Lisa are the owners of Certified Transmission & Auto Service in Crestwood and have three children under the age of eight. “My wife is on a tight schedule with the kids and said our customers would love to be able to have their oil changed after leaving the car rider line in the morning.” “Once I thought about it, I realized customers had been saying the same thing for some time.” “We will now be able to provide quick lube services in addition to our current automotive service and repair business.” Heggie said he expects to add 3-5 new employees to the operation and have hours of 8-5pm M-F and of 8-2pm on Saturday.

Certified Express Lube will be housed inside of the existing Certified Transmission & Auto Service, which is located at 6540 W. Hwy 146 at the intersection of W. Hwy 146 & Floydsburg Road. The complex also includes Minish & Potts Florist, Fabulous Floors, and the Crestwood branch of National City Bank. The building was originally built as the Crestwood Bowling Alley in the 1960’s.

Barbara Roseman Director of Oldham County Animal Control

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Barbara Roseman - Director of Oldham County Animal Control

Barbara Roseman - Director of Oldham County Animal Control

1. What do you like most about living in Oldham County?

I like the rural character of our landscape, the woods and fields and streams are my favorite places.

2. How and why did you end up as the Director for Oldham County Animal Control?

I was recruited for the position by the former administration since their director left suddenly and I had a strong background in animal management.

3.  Please tell me more about Oldham County Animal Control,  and what services it provides to Oldham County residents.

We provide a multitude of animal related services. We investigate cruelty, neglect and abandonment of domestic animals.  We prosecute serious cases in District Court.  Oldham County Animal Control regulates the licensing of dogs.  We provide rabies quarantine on both owned and stray animals, pick up loose stray dogs, remove livestock from roadways when they escape.  We also temperament test animals prior to adoption.  Oldham County Animal Control networks with other agencies and groups to find homes for adoptable animals.  Lastly, we mediate animal related complaints, and we do ALL OF THIS within the confines of a small budget!

4.  What do you hope to see for the future of Oldham County?

We should maintain our rural land and our agricultural heritage.

5.  How do you spend your time outside of the office? Any Hobbies?

I farm my land with poultry and goats, and I am an amateur taxidermist.

6.  Are there any other comments or notes you’d like to share with the readers of Oldham County Wired?

License your dog. It establishes legal ownership of the animal. Always supervise children and dogs. There are an appalling number of dog bites every year with children as the primary victims.

Favorite music: Anything bluegrass, especially Ralph Stanley.
Favorite food: Any pie baked by my mother.

Home Buying Seminar offered for local residents.

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Oldham County Home Buying AcademyArea residents looking for guidance on buying a home are in luck. Representatives from The Kentucky’s Housing Corporation will be assisting in a presentation to educate home buyers, on Thursday October 18th. A panel of speakers including professionals from each of the four main topics of the course will be on hand. Topics covered include financing, finding and selecting the right home, as well as home inspections, contracts and closing statements.

With the national media reporting information that isn’t always relevant to our local market, we felt it was important that our neighbors were given the opportunity to speak and learn first hand from area professionals.

The two hour course is being presented three times. First on October 16th, between 6 and 8pm and additionally on Saturday, October 18th between 9:30 and 11:30AM. Both of these classes will be held at the Pewee Valley Fire Department. The third class is being held on Tuesday, October 21st between 6 and 8pm and is being held at the Jameson Inn off Fern Valley Road.

For a complete list of topics covered, maps to our locations, and registration details, please visit www.homebuyingacademy.com

Kentucky Housing Corporation, created by the 1972 General Assembly, is a self-supporting, public corporation of the Commonwealth of Kentucky administratively attached to the Finance and Administration Cabinet. Kentucky Housing has made homeownership possible for over 82,000 Kentucky families. Other programs additionally offered by Kentucky Housing include rental housing production financing, homeownership education/counseling and a variety of rental assistance, housing rehabilitation and home repair initiatives.

Oldham County’s Bluegrass E-cycle

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Bluegrass E-cycle was inspired by a love of the Louisville area that business owner Ken Yoder calls home. Bluegrass E-cycle is located in Oldham County and specializes in the recycling of electronics. As more consumers become aware of the environmental hazards associated with E-Waste, the dilemma of what can be done to safely recycle outdated or defective electronic equipment arises. Bluegrass E-cycle provides the answer.

Many consumers find it cheaper to buy new electronic equipment, rather than upgrade, and often find themselves getting rid of perfectly good equipment. While local businesses often find themselves holding on to old electronics not knowing what to do with them, taking up valuable space. Bluegrass E-cycle hopes to influence the community by safely disposing of our county’s ever growing e-waste. “The most important thing to remember when dealing with e-waste is that you want to make sure that it is going to a company that is capable of handling e-waste responsibly. Bluegrass E-cycle does so by maintaining a zero landfill policy. This means absolutely no part of any electronics recycled by us, will be put in any landfill.” says, Ken Yoder.

Bluegrass E-Cycle’s recycling process starts with evaluating what can be re-used “as is,” or with some modification. Re-sell is Ken’s first preference for recycling. Items that fit into the “re-use” category are re-sold, often to small businesses or private consumers and sometimes donated to persons with special needs. If items are determined to have no re-sell value, they are then broken down to component level, sorted, and sold in mass quantities to environmentally friendly refiners. These processors then recover any valuable raw materials left from the e-waste. It takes hundreds of pounds of any component to be of any value, so obsolete electronics are of no value to their original owners. Therefore, Bluegrass E-Cycle provides a means of reusing electronic materials as well as the disposal of what has become essentially useless equipment.

Bluegrass E-cycle provides free pick-up of computers, monitors, printers, telecom equipment, servers, mainframes, wire, cable, satellite/cable boxes, keyboards, mice, card readers, cell phones, PDA’s, laptops, circuit boards, video game consoles, and broadcast equipment. For those concerned with privacy, Bluegrass E-Cycle also provides hard drive destruction.

If you have questions or electronics you would like to recycle, you may contact Bluegrass E-Cycle through their website: www.bluegrassecycle.com or call 502-681-7791.

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