To Push or Not to Push

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Oldham County Aquatic Center

Oldham County Aquatic Center

Last week our whole family visted the Aquatic Center here in Oldham County. There is a large water slide at the park. Being the adventurous mom that I am, I convinced my oldest daughter, Emie to go down, too. After one trip up the stairs, one trip back down, then one more trip back up, she finally went down the slide with a look of sheer terror on her face. I watched as she dropped into the water, came up gasping for air and then slowly a smile spread across her face. For the rest of the day there was no stopping her! Up the stairs, down the slide, over and over again! On the trip home I bragged to my husband about my wisdom in “pushing” Emie down the slide. I knew it was something she could do and I knew she’d have a blast doing it!

Yesterday Emie and I returned to the Aquatic Center for one last hurrah before she starts 1st grade. This time I convinced her to try jumping off the diving board into the deep end. “Mommy, it’s way too deep!” she said with a trembling voice. “It doesn’t matter how deep it is, Emie. It just matters how far it is to swim to the edge.” So, she climbed up the stairs, walked to the end of the diving boad, stood at the edge for what seemed like an hour, and then turned around to walk back to the stairs. Suddenly she slipped on some water and fell right off the board onto the cement below. The whole line waiting for their turn at the board gasped, a lifeguard came running and I grabbed her up into a big hug. Thankfully she didn’t get hurt, but my ego definately did! Emie was really kind to me after I apologized, though and said, “Maybe I’ll be ready next year, Mommy.” Yes, maybe you will, but it definately won’t be me pushing you off the board!

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