Oldham County Tourism Hosts Alcohol Ordinance Forum

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Business owners and organizations in Oldham County are invited to attend a County Alcohol Ordinance Forum on Monday, April 13th at Open Range Sports in Crestwood at 4pm. The Oldham County Tourism Commission is hosting this Forum in conjunction with the Oldham County Police Department as a way to educate business owners and organizations in the community about the local alcohol and beverage ordinance enacted March 2, 2004. The hope is that local businesses will walk away with a better understanding of the ordinance’s details and limitations.

The Tourism Commission is working hand-in-hand with Assistant Chief of Police Lt. Colonel Billy Way, the local ABC Enforcer with the Oldham County Police Department, in coordinating the Forum. Also in attendance will be Magistrate Bob Deibel from Fiscal Court, Matt Lay – State ABC Enforcer for Oldham County, and Sandra Watts – State ABC Director of Education.

Rarely does a community have the opportunity to meet with both local and state ABC professionals in one place, so we encourage all businesses to take advantage of this opportunity. If you own a restaurant or catering company, plan events in Oldham County where alcohol would be served, or are considering hosting an event that might have an interest in serving alcohol, you are strongly encouraged to attend. This Forum will address your questions about what it means to be a “moist” county.

Open Range Sports is located in the old skating rink building behind Crestwood Station Shopping Center in Crestwood. If you plan to attend Monday, April 13th, we ask that you RSVP by email at Director@TourOldhamCounty.com or by cell at 817.6043 for space planning purposes.

Oldham County Slogan and Logo Contest

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Communities across the country are recognized by their logo or slogan. This is your chance to be a part of developing the Oldham County image! Use the form below to submit your slogan/logo. Submissions will be accepted from January 5 to February 14, 2009. Come back beginning March 6, 2009 to vote for your favorites from the top 5 slogans and top 5 logos selected by our committee. The winner(s) will receive $1000 – $500 for winning logo/$500 for winning slogan.

Submit your entries by visiting http://www.oldhamera.com/slogo

Crestwood to get first Quick Lube

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South Oldham Residents to Benefit from New Service

Residents of Crestwood and nearby Pewee Valley will soon benefit from the opening of the areas First Quick Lube that is set to open in early October on W. Hwy 146 behind National City Bank in Crestwood. Certified Express Lube will offer area residents the convenience of being able to have basic maintenance services performed locally. With the closest Quick Lube located 3 ½ miles away, area residents were forced to leave the South Oldham area and travel into Jefferson County for this type of service. “South Oldham residents want to spend their money here where they live,” owner Steve Heggie said. “This is a perfect extension of our existing business here in Crestwood.” “The Quick Lube product was a natural for us. “We already offer a wide range of automotive services, but the soccer moms wanted to have their vehicle serviced after they dropped the kids off at school,” he said. “The idea was actually my wifes.”

Heggie and his wife Lisa are the owners of Certified Transmission & Auto Service in Crestwood and have three children under the age of eight. “My wife is on a tight schedule with the kids and said our customers would love to be able to have their oil changed after leaving the car rider line in the morning.” “Once I thought about it, I realized customers had been saying the same thing for some time.” “We will now be able to provide quick lube services in addition to our current automotive service and repair business.” Heggie said he expects to add 3-5 new employees to the operation and have hours of 8-5pm M-F and of 8-2pm on Saturday.

Certified Express Lube will be housed inside of the existing Certified Transmission & Auto Service, which is located at 6540 W. Hwy 146 at the intersection of W. Hwy 146 & Floydsburg Road. The complex also includes Minish & Potts Florist, Fabulous Floors, and the Crestwood branch of National City Bank. The building was originally built as the Crestwood Bowling Alley in the 1960’s.

Home Buying Seminar offered for local residents.

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Oldham County Home Buying AcademyArea residents looking for guidance on buying a home are in luck. Representatives from The Kentucky’s Housing Corporation will be assisting in a presentation to educate home buyers, on Thursday October 18th. A panel of speakers including professionals from each of the four main topics of the course will be on hand. Topics covered include financing, finding and selecting the right home, as well as home inspections, contracts and closing statements.

With the national media reporting information that isn’t always relevant to our local market, we felt it was important that our neighbors were given the opportunity to speak and learn first hand from area professionals.

The two hour course is being presented three times. First on October 16th, between 6 and 8pm and additionally on Saturday, October 18th between 9:30 and 11:30AM. Both of these classes will be held at the Pewee Valley Fire Department. The third class is being held on Tuesday, October 21st between 6 and 8pm and is being held at the Jameson Inn off Fern Valley Road.

For a complete list of topics covered, maps to our locations, and registration details, please visit www.homebuyingacademy.com

Kentucky Housing Corporation, created by the 1972 General Assembly, is a self-supporting, public corporation of the Commonwealth of Kentucky administratively attached to the Finance and Administration Cabinet. Kentucky Housing has made homeownership possible for over 82,000 Kentucky families. Other programs additionally offered by Kentucky Housing include rental housing production financing, homeownership education/counseling and a variety of rental assistance, housing rehabilitation and home repair initiatives.

Oldham County’s Bluegrass E-cycle

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Bluegrass E-cycle was inspired by a love of the Louisville area that business owner Ken Yoder calls home. Bluegrass E-cycle is located in Oldham County and specializes in the recycling of electronics. As more consumers become aware of the environmental hazards associated with E-Waste, the dilemma of what can be done to safely recycle outdated or defective electronic equipment arises. Bluegrass E-cycle provides the answer.

Many consumers find it cheaper to buy new electronic equipment, rather than upgrade, and often find themselves getting rid of perfectly good equipment. While local businesses often find themselves holding on to old electronics not knowing what to do with them, taking up valuable space. Bluegrass E-cycle hopes to influence the community by safely disposing of our county’s ever growing e-waste. “The most important thing to remember when dealing with e-waste is that you want to make sure that it is going to a company that is capable of handling e-waste responsibly. Bluegrass E-cycle does so by maintaining a zero landfill policy. This means absolutely no part of any electronics recycled by us, will be put in any landfill.” says, Ken Yoder.

Bluegrass E-Cycle’s recycling process starts with evaluating what can be re-used “as is,” or with some modification. Re-sell is Ken’s first preference for recycling. Items that fit into the “re-use” category are re-sold, often to small businesses or private consumers and sometimes donated to persons with special needs. If items are determined to have no re-sell value, they are then broken down to component level, sorted, and sold in mass quantities to environmentally friendly refiners. These processors then recover any valuable raw materials left from the e-waste. It takes hundreds of pounds of any component to be of any value, so obsolete electronics are of no value to their original owners. Therefore, Bluegrass E-Cycle provides a means of reusing electronic materials as well as the disposal of what has become essentially useless equipment.

Bluegrass E-cycle provides free pick-up of computers, monitors, printers, telecom equipment, servers, mainframes, wire, cable, satellite/cable boxes, keyboards, mice, card readers, cell phones, PDA’s, laptops, circuit boards, video game consoles, and broadcast equipment. For those concerned with privacy, Bluegrass E-Cycle also provides hard drive destruction.

If you have questions or electronics you would like to recycle, you may contact Bluegrass E-Cycle through their website: www.bluegrassecycle.com or call 502-681-7791.

Oldham County Tourism, WINS!

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Oldham County Tourism director Kim Buckler produced this awesome video showcasing her efforts at the Kentucky State Fair. I worked the booth on Sunday, the 17th. I can testify how amazing it looked. The kids LOVED the train. Hopefully all of those registration slips I hounded people to pick up get used!

Now the only question is… Kim, how are you going to out do yourself next year?

For those of you who do not know Kim, she also is the owner of ALLinONE Direct Marketing. Kim also runs www.oldhamliving.com with Charlie Rentz

Oldham County Airport

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Yesterday I was reading an article in Business First that spoke about the troubled times Bowman Field in Louisville was experiencing. Here is a link for those of you interested – Turbulent Times

This got me to thinking about my experience at Oldham County Day. I will be the first to admit that I do not know enough about Oldham County’s exploration of an airport. Good or bad. Which is something I’m working on researching now. When I make a decision, I like to have as much information as possible and be read up on the good, the bad, and the ugly from both sides. Which is why it irked me that the No Oldham Airport folks wanted me to sign a petition on the spot.

I give zero fault to them for trying, but I wasn’t signing up on the sidewalk. Bonus points to them for being organized, presenting an argument in under 20 seconds and standing there in 95 degree heat. However, I’m not the type who will make a decision in under 20 seconds… especially when the decision has so much data on both sides of the fence to be reviewed. Maybe, I’m to blame. Maybe, I should have already reviewed some data and taken a position by now. Last I checked though, the data was still coming in. How am I supposed to make a decision without ALL the facts?

Hopefully I’m not the only one who is still on the fence and waiting for more details. How many of you are just against the IDEA of the airport all together? Give me a shout, I want to hear from other residents.

Oldham County Wired Grows Up

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Growing up, just like a baby elephant!

As you can see, I’ve been hard at work here at Oldham County Wired. I’ve been tweaking the formatting and the color scheme. It is my high hopes that I eventually get things exactly as I want them. Please be patient with me as my baby grows up.

Have a suggestion or a comment? Please do not hesitate to write me at scott.hack@gmail.com

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