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What do over 1,000 people in Oldham County already know that you possible don’t? They know that Oldham County FreeCycle has quickly become a useful resource to locate and get rid of household items. I recently rejoined the Oldham County FreeCycle group out of pure curiosity. I don’t have anything right now that I am looking to get rid of, and I certainly do not have room for anything else. In the past few weeks I’ve seen everything from offers of grills and lawn mowers to requests for children sized clothing. If you’ve been meaning to clean out your closet, DO IT! Then post the stuff on FreeCycle and help out a fellow resident. Oldham County FreeCycle is hosted on Yahoo! So It requires that you have a Yahoo! handle, which is free. The group is moderated by volunteers, to prevent spamming. The only requirement for the group is everything MUST be FREE. You can’t offer to sell something, it has to be given away. Users can always post a request. The last request to cross my desk was from a member looking for two baby gates. Strengthen your community and network within!

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