Barbara Roseman Director of Oldham County Animal Control

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Barbara Roseman - Director of Oldham County Animal Control

Barbara Roseman - Director of Oldham County Animal Control

1. What do you like most about living in Oldham County?

I like the rural character of our landscape, the woods and fields and streams are my favorite places.

2. How and why did you end up as the Director for Oldham County Animal Control?

I was recruited for the position by the former administration since their director left suddenly and I had a strong background in animal management.

3.  Please tell me more about Oldham County Animal Control,  and what services it provides to Oldham County residents.

We provide a multitude of animal related services. We investigate cruelty, neglect and abandonment of domestic animals.  We prosecute serious cases in District Court.  Oldham County Animal Control regulates the licensing of dogs.  We provide rabies quarantine on both owned and stray animals, pick up loose stray dogs, remove livestock from roadways when they escape.  We also temperament test animals prior to adoption.  Oldham County Animal Control networks with other agencies and groups to find homes for adoptable animals.  Lastly, we mediate animal related complaints, and we do ALL OF THIS within the confines of a small budget!

4.  What do you hope to see for the future of Oldham County?

We should maintain our rural land and our agricultural heritage.

5.  How do you spend your time outside of the office? Any Hobbies?

I farm my land with poultry and goats, and I am an amateur taxidermist.

6.  Are there any other comments or notes you’d like to share with the readers of Oldham County Wired?

License your dog. It establishes legal ownership of the animal. Always supervise children and dogs. There are an appalling number of dog bites every year with children as the primary victims.

Favorite music: Anything bluegrass, especially Ralph Stanley.
Favorite food: Any pie baked by my mother.



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