Oldham County Dollars for Scholars

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Are you interested in helping a young person advance their education?  Oldham County Dollars for Scholars is holding an informational meeting for current and prospective sponsors, volunteers, board members and interested parties on Tuesday, October 7, 5:45 pm at Fastline Publications 4900 Fox Run Road (next to Thorntons) in Buckner.  In four short years of existence Oldham County Dollars for Scholars has awarded $186,500 in scholarships to deserving students.  Oldham County Dollars for Scholars is a non-profit community-based scholarship foundation, established to provide financial assistance to graduating seniors who reside in Oldham County and plan to further their education after high school.  If you know of someone that would like to help a future leader of our community, invite them to attend with you.

Join us to hear more about Oldham County Dollars for Scholars as we plan for our 2009 scholarships.  We promise to keep this meeting very brief.  You can also find more at www.ocdfs.org.

For more information call Judy Vetovitz @ 241-3162 or Fariba Muhlheizler @ 523-9052.

Again we thank you any help you provide to us for the students of Oldham County. They appreciate your help more than you know!

Cindy Hack, Secretary
Oldham County Dollars for Scholars

Plan to Enjoy Oldham County in the fall, with some preperation.

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It’s amazing how a little bit of pain motivates a person. Upon arriving home from work on a recent Saturday, my Mother paraded me through the backyard, showcasing her efforts for the day. She had spent the day pulling weeds. Against my better judgment… for some reason, I felt compelled to help. Under her deck, she has planted some English Ivy. It’s very attractive, and designed as a ground cover to prevent weeds. It’s doing a great job. However, a few weeds managed to turn into small trees and take root. I pulled out a couple of the weeds by hand. I lost a battle to a couple others, eventually with the help of a shovel, I won the war. Which brings me to my point.

Fall is rapidly approaching with the first day of Autumn arriving on September 22nd. With a bit of planning and work now, you will be enjoying a beautiful spring. Now is the time to sow seed or fertilize your lawn or even plant some Daffodils or Tulips. If you’ve been thinking about installing leaf guards for you gutters, you’d better get moving. The leaves will be changing to various shades of red, yellow and burnt orange quicker than you might anticipate. That is if we get some rain soon, and they don’t fall off from dehydration first. Oh, and if you plan on pulling weeds, wear gloves. I wasn’t so lucky to have someone remind me. With a little bit of luck, my blisters will be healed about the same time the flowers bloom.

Trust me, when your lawn sprouts up a full beautiful shade of green, and the flowers begin to bloom … you’ll thank me in the Spring.

Editor’s note: This is an old post from a newsletter I used to write. However, the content is still relevant, and fall is still on the way!

To Push or Not to Push

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Oldham County Aquatic Center

Oldham County Aquatic Center

Last week our whole family visted the Aquatic Center here in Oldham County. There is a large water slide at the park. Being the adventurous mom that I am, I convinced my oldest daughter, Emie to go down, too. After one trip up the stairs, one trip back down, then one more trip back up, she finally went down the slide with a look of sheer terror on her face. I watched as she dropped into the water, came up gasping for air and then slowly a smile spread across her face. For the rest of the day there was no stopping her! Up the stairs, down the slide, over and over again! On the trip home I bragged to my husband about my wisdom in “pushing” Emie down the slide. I knew it was something she could do and I knew she’d have a blast doing it!

Yesterday Emie and I returned to the Aquatic Center for one last hurrah before she starts 1st grade. This time I convinced her to try jumping off the diving board into the deep end. “Mommy, it’s way too deep!” she said with a trembling voice. “It doesn’t matter how deep it is, Emie. It just matters how far it is to swim to the edge.” So, she climbed up the stairs, walked to the end of the diving boad, stood at the edge for what seemed like an hour, and then turned around to walk back to the stairs. Suddenly she slipped on some water and fell right off the board onto the cement below. The whole line waiting for their turn at the board gasped, a lifeguard came running and I grabbed her up into a big hug. Thankfully she didn’t get hurt, but my ego definately did! Emie was really kind to me after I apologized, though and said, “Maybe I’ll be ready next year, Mommy.” Yes, maybe you will, but it definately won’t be me pushing you off the board!

Oldham County FreeCycle

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What do over 1,000 people in Oldham County already know that you possible don’t? They know that Oldham County FreeCycle has quickly become a useful resource to locate and get rid of household items. I recently rejoined the Oldham County FreeCycle group out of pure curiosity. I don’t have anything right now that I am looking to get rid of, and I certainly do not have room for anything else. In the past few weeks I’ve seen everything from offers of grills and lawn mowers to requests for children sized clothing. If you’ve been meaning to clean out your closet, DO IT! Then post the stuff on FreeCycle and help out a fellow resident. Oldham County FreeCycle is hosted on Yahoo! So It requires that you have a Yahoo! handle, which is free. The group is moderated by volunteers, to prevent spamming. The only requirement for the group is everything MUST be FREE. You can’t offer to sell something, it has to be given away. Users can always post a request. The last request to cross my desk was from a member looking for two baby gates. Strengthen your community and network within!

Kentucky State Fair

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Freddy Farm Bureau

I realize this blog is supposed to be about Oldham County, and the Kentucky State Fair is not held in Oldham County… but I can’t help myself. One of the beauties of living in Oldham County is I can pick and choose when I want to take advantage of things going on in Louisville.

For those of you that do not know me, I get almost school girl giddy about the State Fair. What is there not to love? Peanut butter fudge, frisbee catching dogs, tanks, corn dogs, beer tents… I could go on forever. Few events offer the prime people watching opportunities that the state fair gives.

One of my favorite things to do at the fair is wave to Freddy Farmer. Freddy has been a fixture at the state fair for over 50 years! His head used to move from side to side, but in his old age, his neck is a little stiff. He still greets all the children with a warm hello though. So mark the calendar, organize the kids, and feel free to bring me back some peanut butter fudge. Happy Fair-going.

Kentucky State Fair August 14-24, 2008

Offering all-day adventures for more than 100 years, the this annual celebration of summertime fun is America’s largest air-conditioned fair, filling all 1.2 million square feet of the massive Kentucky Exposition Center in Louisville each August. Acres of additional outdoor activities also give fairgoers plenty of reason to explore the thrills of open-air entertainment and exhibits.

Whether fairgoers prefer the wild excitement of the Thrillway, the relaxing comfort of air-conditioned exhibit halls, the beauty and sophistication of the World’s Championship Horse Show or a concert lineup that features many of today’s hottest performers, the Kentucky State Fair is an adventure of fun for the entire family.

For more information then you could possibly ever want to read – visit www.kystatefair.org

Oldham County Wired Grows Up

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Growing up, just like a baby elephant!

As you can see, I’ve been hard at work here at Oldham County Wired. I’ve been tweaking the formatting and the color scheme. It is my high hopes that I eventually get things exactly as I want them. Please be patient with me as my baby grows up.

Have a suggestion or a comment? Please do not hesitate to write me at scott.hack@gmail.com

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