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Julie Lentz

What do you like most about living in Oldham County?
I love living in Oldham County. I have never lived any where else. My family has lived in this county for many generations. Some of the things that I feel make it such a unique and special place are you can go to Kroger, Cracker Barrel or any place for that matter, and talk with people whether you know them or not. It is not shameful to say that you are a Christian and you attend church. What a wonderful place to raise children. I cannot imagine living in any other place.

Please tell me more about the County Clerk’s office and what services it provides to Oldham County residents and your role.
The Oldham County Clerks Office provides many services to the residents of Oldham County. Probably the most common are the Motor Vehicle Department, Recordings (Deeds and Mortgages), Voter Registration. But the office also distributes tax money to the taxing districts, we keep the official records for the county, this office is responsible for putting on and securing elections, and one thing that is very dear to my heart, we assist people with a special notary for adoptions. My role is to make sure these services are provided in the most efficient, productive and helpful manner. That means a couple of things; first and foremost, I have a great staff, they make me look great everyday. It also means that you may come into any of the 3 offices of the County Clerk and I may be the one waiting on you, I could be sweeping, whatever needs to be taken care of, I do.

How do you spend your time outside of the office?
When I am not working, I spend a great amount of time with my family. That is no small task since my mother is the oldest of 14 children and I am the oldest of approximately 50 grandchildren, there are about 30 great grand children and there are even great-great grandchildren. I also am involved in church activities, South Oldham Rotary, the best thing…I LOVE TO FISH!!! Sometimes, I just like to relax!!

What do you hope to see for the future of Oldham County?
The future of Oldham County looks great. There are always going to be things that we wish were different, but that would be the case no matter where we live.

Name: Julie Klosterman Lentz
Title: Oldham County Clerk
Website: oldhamcounty.state.ky.us (Very helpful and full of information)
Office email & phone: julieklentz@yahoo.com 502-222-7645
Favorite Band/Song: Nickelback & Lifehouse
Favorite Restraunt/Food: Corner Cafe and Adriann’s. I will eat just about anything!

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