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Bluegrass E-cycle was inspired by a love of the Louisville area that business owner Ken Yoder calls home. Bluegrass E-cycle is located in Oldham County and specializes in the recycling of electronics. As more consumers become aware of the environmental hazards associated with E-Waste, the dilemma of what can be done to safely recycle outdated or defective electronic equipment arises. Bluegrass E-cycle provides the answer.

Many consumers find it cheaper to buy new electronic equipment, rather than upgrade, and often find themselves getting rid of perfectly good equipment. While local businesses often find themselves holding on to old electronics not knowing what to do with them, taking up valuable space. Bluegrass E-cycle hopes to influence the community by safely disposing of our county’s ever growing e-waste. “The most important thing to remember when dealing with e-waste is that you want to make sure that it is going to a company that is capable of handling e-waste responsibly. Bluegrass E-cycle does so by maintaining a zero landfill policy. This means absolutely no part of any electronics recycled by us, will be put in any landfill.” says, Ken Yoder.

Bluegrass E-Cycle’s recycling process starts with evaluating what can be re-used “as is,” or with some modification. Re-sell is Ken’s first preference for recycling. Items that fit into the “re-use” category are re-sold, often to small businesses or private consumers and sometimes donated to persons with special needs. If items are determined to have no re-sell value, they are then broken down to component level, sorted, and sold in mass quantities to environmentally friendly refiners. These processors then recover any valuable raw materials left from the e-waste. It takes hundreds of pounds of any component to be of any value, so obsolete electronics are of no value to their original owners. Therefore, Bluegrass E-Cycle provides a means of reusing electronic materials as well as the disposal of what has become essentially useless equipment.

Bluegrass E-cycle provides free pick-up of computers, monitors, printers, telecom equipment, servers, mainframes, wire, cable, satellite/cable boxes, keyboards, mice, card readers, cell phones, PDA’s, laptops, circuit boards, video game consoles, and broadcast equipment. For those concerned with privacy, Bluegrass E-Cycle also provides hard drive destruction.

If you have questions or electronics you would like to recycle, you may contact Bluegrass E-Cycle through their website: www.bluegrassecycle.com or call 502-681-7791.

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