Varsity Pizza and Pints Chili Cook Off

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Oldham County Wired has received word that Varsity Pizza and Pints will be hosting a Chili Cook Off. Here is a quick run down on the rules and how you can enter. This sounds like a lot of fun. If you make it out, be sure to look for me.

You can download a copy of the application by clicking here.

1.) Entry fee is $25.00 for individuals and $50.00 for restaurants.
2.) Contestants are accepted on a first-come-first-serve basis.
3.) Contestant must turn in application in advance of event; no walk-ins accepted.
4.) To accommodate crowds, contestant must bring at least 3 full gallons of piping hot chili.
5.) Chili must be prepared for event and table set up between 10:00–10:45 a.m.
6.) Contestants must stay and serve chili to guests.
7.) If chili runs out, contestants must stay until contest winners are announced at 4:00 p.m.
8.) Contestant can sample other entries.
9.) Varsity will provide all contestants with serving cups for chili and electric.
10.) Contestants must provide own table/booth for set up.
11.) Contestants are not permitted to sell chili during event.
12.) We encourage you to have fun, be creative, decorate your ‘space’ and wear a funny costume.

Prizes will be awarded in the following categories:
Best Chili – Restaurant/Company Team Category
Best Chili – Individual (Red meat, white meat, vegetarian)
Hottest Chili Overall
Most Creative/Best Decorated Set-up Space
Best Overall Chili People’s Choice Award

To register, turn in application to: Varsity Pizza & Pints 6825 Central Ave., Crestwood, KY 40014
Or fax application to: Varsity Pizza & Pints, Attn: Tonya Parker at (502) 243-1106

Deadline to enter is October 31st!!

Citizen Spotlight – Bill Fischer

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What do you like most about living in Oldham County?

I guess I would have to say the convenience of being near everything Louisville has to offer but with the more laid back lifestyle that comes from the rural surroundings. You can see Oldham County getting more urban with each new subdivision. A walk down Main Street in LaGrange can still take me back though.

You’ve been known to pick up a microphone a time or two. How did you get involved with singing, and how did that lead to you running a karaoke business?

I’ve always been a singer. I started singing in church when I was about 6 years old, took chorus classes at Oldham County High way, way back in the day (When there was only one high school in the county). I’ve even served as minister of music for my church. I still sing in the choir, so standing in front of a crowd with a mic in my hand doesn’t scare me the way it might some. A lot of the songs I enjoy singing don’t go well in a church setting, so I found karaoke. Started picking up some karaoke disc so I knew I’d have the song I wanted to sing until I met a karaoke jockey who had all his disc loaded onto a computer. When some friends found a sound system at a yard sale, we purchased software and music and are now running a show two nights a week. I’m not sure you’d call us a business, we are just getting paid to have some fun and show off a little. We started with a core of family and friends who liked to sing and to listen to each other singing and each week we add some new folks to the play list.

As a lifetime Oldham County resident, what is the one change that has happened that you enjoy the most? What do you wish hadn’t changed over the years?

Wal-Mart! Okay, that might be stretching it, but it is hard to remember where we shopped before that. But I would say the thing that has changed has been the ability to find almost everything you want without leaving the county. And the moist vote rates up there too. What do I wish hadn’t changed? While I know times marches on, I miss seeing the natural beauty of the open fields and woods that are now subdivisions. But I won’t be one of those people that think all development should stop as soon as my new place is finished.

What do you hope to see for the future of Oldham County?

I’d like to see more places inside the county to give folks something to do. I got excited about the bowling/entertainment center that was supposed to be going in the old Crestwood Wal-mart but haven’t seen anything that looks like it’s moving forward.

When and where can we join you for karaoke?
We are doing two shows a week at Varsity Pizza and Pints, Wednesday and Saturday nights from 8PM until Midnight. The guys run the Wednesday night show and my daughter is in charge on Saturday nights.

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